What will the next Golf Business Forum look like?

When you are running an event like the Golf Business Forum, getting the speakers and content right is crucial. We received some great feedback on our speakers in 2016, and in planning for 2018 we need to be sure we keep our focus on what worked well, and identify the new topics need attention. So, this week we met with representative from our key partners, industry bodies and golf facility managers at Golf Australia's offices to get their views on what the industry needs from the Forum and how best to deliver it.

The Program Advisory Group went through last year's event, the feedback it received and brainstormed ideas for what the July 2018 event could include. Key trends identified include the “game-ification” of golf, the rise of technology and alternative ways to engage in the game, and the need for investment in facilities - amongst others.

It was great to hear everyone's perspective and we are well on the way to meeting our aim of making the 2018 event bigger and better than ever. Thanks again to everyone who made the time to come along.

Our next workshop is in a month and we look forward to reporting back on outcomes as our 2018 program takes shape. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below or email us and we'll make sure they're incorporated into the next discussion!