Chat with Erich Weber of Moore Park Golf

We have always been big admirers of the vision shown by Moore Park Golf in Sydney. General Manager Erich Weber and the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust have a clear commitment to delivering the best experience possible for their golfers and their newly upgraded driving range certainly contributes to that goal.

Moore Park Golf have been quick off the mark in recognising that driving ranges have the potential to drive more participation and play as attractions in their own right. They are a leader in the emerging trend for driving ranges to move beyond the idea of a range just being for tuition and warm up.

Moore Park Golf saw this potential early with the installation several years ago of their Big Screen at the end of their range - 22 square metres of visual entertainment including sports broadcasts, social media feeds or mass clinics. The range is all weather with three tiers and the recent upgrade includes an artificial outfield featuring a variety of targets which open up possibilities for both standard golfers looking for a fun hit as well as special events.

Andrew caught up with Erich at Moore Park Golf just before the completion of recent works and had a chat about what lead to the project and how it is being received. Thanks for your time Erich!