The Marketing Workshop

Most of us in golf are having a nightmare with Marketing. We all want a simple, workable plan for the year ahead, yet end up trying every new marketing technique that comes along and most likely end up doing the same old thing as last year. Worst of all, that usually means having to offer dreaded discounts. Marketing doesn’t have to be that difficult - in fact, it’s quite simple.

When you understand why marketing is nearly always done the wrong way round and when you understand what really drives your customers actions, you just need to follow a simple three step formula to create marketing campaigns that really work. In his half day, intensive marketing workshop, International Golf Marketing Expert, John King, will teach you this simple formula so you can deliver an effective marketing plan for your club and start getting results. If you’re confused about your marketing, if you’re wondering whether or not your current approach is going to work this season or if you’re fed up having to discount but you need to grow your sales - then this workshop is a “must attend”!

Delivered in partnership with the Golf Australia and Golf Management Australia, and hosted at the Latrobe Golf Club, places are strictly limited so grab yours today.

+ key learning outcomes

  • Understand why your facility's marketing efforts might not be effective
  • Discover what your customers actually value and want from your club or facility
  • Learn how to create irresistible products that attract more of your ideal customers
  • Learn how to clearly communicate and deliver your message to the market

+ what to expect

The workshop will begin with an overview of why most clubs are marketing the wrong way around and how to fix it. From here you’ll get stuck straight into building your own Marketing Roadmap:

Part 1: You’ll decide who you want as your ideal customer - and that’s not necessarily your current customer. You’ll learn how to profile your ideal customer

Part 2: You’ll discover how to package & price anything you it memberships or green fees or weddings

Part 3: You’ll learn how to craft marketing messages that really appeal to your “ideal” customer and decide on the best marketing channels to reach them.


  • The workshop will be held at Latrobe Golf Club from 9.30am-12.30pm on Wednesday 1 August 2018.
  • The cost is $149 per person + GST.
  • This event is only available to delegates of the 2018 Golf Business Forum:
  • Please note that a minimum of 15 workshop passes must be sold for the event to proceed (refunds will be issued in the event of a cancellation). If you are making travel plans and want confirmation the workshop will proceed, just get in touch and we'll hold a pass for you.


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