Ian James, RetailTribe | Golf Business Forum 2018

Hear from Ian:


Ian James

CEO, retailtribe

Ian has spent 25+ years working in, and for, the largest retailers around the world, including in Australia, as a professional, an executive and as a consultant. His areas of specialty have included business strategy, supply chain reorganisation, retail marketing and demand creation.

His work has led him to working on programs to influence consumer behaviour and purchasing patterns, and then on to the best ways to create brand loyalty within communities.

Ten years ago, a friend in the golf industry asked for some assistance at their golf club. Now, Ian is CEO of RetailTribe - a company dedicated to helping create increased participation and revenues in the golf industry. The company has a simple philosophy for growth: focus on the consumer and what they value; and leverage the PGA Professional to help to unlock that value.   

RetailTribe works with hundreds of golf clubs, coaching academies, and PGA Professionals across the English-speaking world, as well as ownership groups, city boards and councils, PGAs and Golf Associations.

Ian’s home is just outside Cape Town in South Africa, but he spends a large part of the year travelling, running ‘revenue workshops’ for PGA Professionals and golf club management, and presenting to industry leaders on the critical importance of consumer engagement. He is married with two grown children and now two grand-children.