Work in golf? How about playing it?

“I work in golf” has been my standard answer to the question “so, what do you do?” for well over a decade now. It’s an answer I’m proud to give, but I always cringe a little when the other person smiles knowingly and comments on how low my handicap must be. Ah, no. I work in golf, but I rarely play golf. It’s a situation that I always mean to rectify but what with kids and work I just never seem to find the time - a common problem for our golf customers which the industry is always trying to find an solution to! 

My best mate getting a new job finally provided me with some impetus to find the time. He now gets mandated Friday afternoons off and has decided that one out of every four of those he is going to play golf, and I’m going to try and join him. Planning ahead and locking in the dates means I can organise my work and time and actually get to play the game I love! We’ve played twice so far (thanks Yarra Bend Golf and Sandringham Golf Course for terrific afternoons) and whilst I haven’t yet won, it's has been a great reminder of why I love what I do at work.

We hope you all get space in your lives to take some time out and enjoy the game. Whether you enjoy whacking some balls at the range for an hour or play regularly with a group, it’s great to get insights from the perspective of our customers as well as enjoying having a hit, especially outside the confines of a corporate event, lesson or competition.

Andrew Davies1 Comment